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ABSG.Tech is a private company offering Innovative VoIP, WEB, CRM, CSM, PWA and Mixed Marketing solutions available to small business serving them the most advanced customized services at affordable rates and guaranteed with proven ROI's.
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“PWA” Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are good for your business

Progressive Web Application Development
"PWA" for your business

Having only a mobile responsive website won’t meet the demands of today’s customers.ABSG Consultants May 2018

Is your business ready for today's customer?

  • Easy Account Setups & Integrations

    People hate setting and remembering passwords so much it might prevent them from moving too far on your companies outdated site. Allowing account creation and linking through a social media provider speeds up your account creation process and adds another layer of authenticity for account verification.
    - Learn More About 3rd Party Account Linking

  • Mobile Phone Install To Home Screen

    Better than the bookmarks bar give users an option to add a shortcut for your site next to the other apps installed on their mobile phone.

  • One Version For All Devices

    Create one PWA application that is accessible to all PC Browsers, Mobile iOS, Android or Windows users without the need to release separate iOS, Android and other Operating System Specific versions of your application.

  • Not Another Template Website

    No cookie-cutter themes or Just another WordPress site. Progressive Web Application’s arent just a website. They are seen as applications to open on a users mobile phone if activated by the user. Much of the entire site will still function while a mobile user is offline or in poor data range.

  • Bring Your Great Ideas To Life

    Some ideas are bigger then others and when it comes to incorporating efficiency into custom solutions utilizing the latest technology.

    ABSG is prepared to put life behind your project ideas for your business.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Mobile Responsive
..just a beginning

An upgrade to including mobile responsive page behavior is a great start if your company’s website is still sitting in the stone ages.

Although what websites are capable of today in contrast of where they started, if you're simply providing your users with readable content you are only playing catch-up to some of your old pioneering friends who also upgraded or started a new site with a responsive layout.

Simply providing a responsive layout to your sites same static content won't satisfy today's customer. You need to provide useful dynamic content with useful features for your end user who should decide to become a customer.

If you haven’t updated to a responsive site design by now you’ve been left behind long ago by the pioneers and have become a settler in a lost world.

Sites not serving content optimized for mobile pages or otherwise not considered a responsive design will consistently rank lower in search engines and might not display properly on mobile devices which average upward of 80% of the end users browsing device.

What makes a site "Progressive"?

...And I'm not talking about the insurance company. Although their website and technology front is quite progressive. You can receive a real quote, pay and start a policy, print your proof of insurance and even submit a claim.

Useful site actions are a great reason why customers today will utilize a particular website over another. In a progressive web application a customer books an appointment or orders service easily and the company receives instant alerts and custom back-end automation to help fulfill the request while seeing increased business generated by their PWA. Everyone wins.

User Notices are Delivered Directly to Devices by utilizing Service Workers in your Progressive Web Application your PWA can easily send PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to Individual or Group users that accept the 'Notifications' permission from your site.

Business owners gain more insight on customers with useful analytic reporting provided by their Progressive Web Application Site Data. They use this data to determine areas in need of improvement helping to increase the websites overall customer conversion rate.

Savings on payroll and supplies needed to otherwise manually fulfill either a product or service request order are unimaginable until experienced yet they are just the start of something new and incredible.

Progressive Web Sites are developed for the future in mind. Programmers build them to be interconnected applications with a living heartbeat for your company out there on the internet. It's responsive to requests at any time and always represents your business as you intend.

PWA's can integrate easily but securely with your customers account record data, product inventory, sales orders or even your companies telephone exchange system (formerly called a PBX).

Today ABSG.TECH proudly develops Enterprise Level Integration on Secure Cloud Application Setups utilizing proprietary and open source industry leading VoIP Unified Call Solutions such as Asterix, CRM Customer Relations Management such as SuiteCRM, and CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress with entire custom theme designs and custom plugins designed specifically for your businesses individual needs.

Innovative Solutions using Advanced Technologies

VoIP Phone & Video
Unified Communications

Custom Call Centers featuring the latest Unified Communications options such as SMS, VM, CALL QUEUES and IVR applications.

ABSG’s FB Notifications w/ live call direction plugin makes business voice call management the simplest it’s ever been.

Artificial Intelligence

Chat BOTs deployed on popular platforms such as Facebook Messenger can communicate and update your customers while always being available.

These same BOTs can also message you to inform you of calls, orders & service requests


Integrate data from multiple sources securely and supply dynamic content to your users based on their respective data with custom database solutions.

Create automation between an online order and the creation of a work order from start to finish.